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One-on-One Interview Preparation
Zoom Sessions

Come prepare for interviews!
This private, completely tailored instruction is  for non-native speakers of English and newcomers to the US.

You will learn the most common  interview questions and how to answer them in clear, grammatical, culturally appropriate English.

We will discuss:

       * US interview culture and interviewing style
       * The interview cycle: phone screens, interviews, and

       * Most common questions and answers
       * Specific considerations for companies (Meta, Apple, Google, and       


You will receive:

       * Templates for answering interview questions
       * Useful English phrases and vocabulary to include in your responses
       * Mini practice interviews with feedback
       * On-the spot language/grammar corrections

Note: Clients typically purchase 5 sessions to prepare fully. We will adjust the number of sessions based on your needs.

Please contact me to enroll!

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